Monday, March 19, 2012

the spidder uuuuhhh!

me and love in sex time :D 

best friends :B

like a gay picture second Rodolfo

broken foot :C

60's love part1

60's love part2

This Sunday ,me, my friend Dan and my love Rodolfo went to Ecological Park of my city(Campinas). There is really cute is a pity that many people here do not appreciate both local as well, because it is through the desert, no one attends, so that had fallen on my forgetfulness and only just remembered!
We drink beer a lot of nonsense talked and started taking pictures when a park security came to us and said: You got permission to photograph here?
So we said: How so?
He: You need to get a permit to do photographic work here in the park and can only do during the week.
Then we explain that photos were private and not for work, so he left us alone and went away. Of course I have the intention to use these photos for my portfolio, however I wondered "Why the hell someone needs permission to shoot in a public place? What the hell is this country?"
  I do not know how it works in places where you live, but unfortunately here in Brazilthere are laws more absurd that someone could invent! torment me this is a kick in the belly and a spit in the eye of society. 

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